Silver Lining

Despite its devastating effects, the storm also brought about discoveries and cherished memories.


     -- "I met my husband during the storm; we were married March 20, 1963"

     -- "I became engaged the day the tower crumbled and fell"

     -- "A special bond seemed to be formed between people who had previously not known each other."

Storm Memorials

Reminder of the Old Grove<br />
<br />


A log of one of the cut down trees of the Grove was saved and the presented as a parting gift of the Senior Class of 1967. It still resides in the newly formed Grove on the South side of the Humanities and Social Science building.


 New Development

"[The Grove and Campbell Hall] were the symbol of a well established intitution of higher learning, the symbol of permanence, integrity."

"[The grove and Campbell Hall] had been symbols of OCE since the sad to think two days out of our history could change a place so drastically"

"The campus never seemed the same again - foreign somehow"

"It never did seem the same. the beautiful Grove and stately tower were no longer there. To me they had been a sumbol of the excellence of the college. The storm had torn the 'heart' our of the beauty that represented OCE, it had been a pictureesque small college campus"


The image scanning, research and exhibit creation for "Columbus Day Storm" was completed by Kalea Borling, WOU IDS student/WOU Archives student employee. Editing was provided by Stewart C Baker.