Academic Programs and Support Center


Students sit at tables reading books in the library.

Beginning in 1951, the library lived in what is now the Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC). This building cost about $280,000 to complete. On June 5th, 1951, the books from Campbell Hall were moved to the new library building across the street with the help of approximately 250 faculty, staff, and students. It took about 3 hours to move the 30,000 volumes. Mrs. Dessa Hofstetter was the head librarian at the opening of the new library. This library was then renovated in 1968 to address problems of control, reading–stack relationship, and reader services. During this time, the library was given governmental depository status, which is still in effect today. By 1997, there were over 170,000 books and 450,000 microforms. The new building was also able to provide more room than Campbell Hall with five new areas: reading, browsing, circulation and index, stacks, and quiet study. By the 1990’s, the student population - doubling since the renovation in 1968 – had access to a large collection of books, periodical titles, microfiche, and government documents. The library’s collection continued to grow which desperately called for (another) larger building to be built.


 Students sit at desks completing their work in the College Library.

Renovation Approved

In 1966, grants from the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare and from the Higher Education Act, were able to start the renovation of the library building. This renovation, completed in 1968, allowed for the building to accommodate around 2,000 students.