The Children’s Farm Home

The Children's Farm Home

The Children’s Farm Home was located north of Corvallis on Highway 20. The school was built by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1924, starting with a large house called Malliot. Buildings were added, (including the one pictured here) to the 300-acre campus to give a home to orphans, neglected children, and those whose parents could not care for them. In addition to their studies, the children were required to work on the farm, the products of which made the home a self-sustaining facility.

The Children’s Farm Home was a residential placement for Oregon Normal School students and part of the Rural Training Program from 1924 to 1931; the campus closed in 1978.

After purchase by Trillium Family Services, the main building received massive renovation and the farm home campus is now used as a treatment center for children with mental health disorders. More information on the current use is available at