Dance at Western Oregon State College (1982-1997)

OCE became Western Oregon State College (WOSC) in 1982 the same year that Ray and Jessica left and a second husband and wife team, Elaine Heekin and Bruce Walczyk arrived.  Like Ray and Jessica, Elaine and Bruce shared a single faculty position; the first full-time position in dance was filled by Jacky McCormick (1985-1996), when she replaced Elaine and Bruce in 1985. 

Jacky continued alone until Sharon Stokes Oberst joined her in 1987. The program grew and more full-time faculty arrived with Deborah Jones in 1992 (retired 2015), and Darryl Thomas in 1997. With the new faculty came many new course offerings to the program including Creative Dance for Children, Dance and Technology, Creativity, Dance Production, Dance Pedagogy, Partnering and many more.