James Beaird (1982-1983)


James H. Beaird was born in Broadwater, Nebraska in 1932. He served as interim president from September 1, 1982 to January 31, 1983. He began his career at the college in 1962 when he was hired as a faculty member. In 1977, Beaird was promoted to College Provost by President Roy Leinwand. He served as Provost until 1982, when he became Interim President until 1983. Beaird oversaw the merging of the teaching programs at Western Oregon State College and Oregon State University. The merger lasted five years, which was much longer than Beaird's five-month tenure as interim President, and was seen as a success under the circumstances of lowering budgets and state government-driven reforms. He was replaced as president the following year and returned to the classroom as a psychology professor.