Before We Were Wolves

Wolfe and His O.N. S. Wolves
Who will win the glorious fight,
When might is pitted against might,
We’ll say this and it is right!
            Wolfe and his O.N.S. Wolves!
Who are strong as strong can be,
Who always fight for you and me?
At the football games you’ll see!
            Wolfe and his O.N.S. Wolves!
Every battle, every minute,
Just as Wolves they’ll fight and win it,
Though there’s work and labor in it.
            Wolfe and his O.N.S. Wolves.
By LeMoine Murray (Oregon   City, OR)
Printed in the LAMRON, November 13, 1928




In October of 1952, a contest started to give a name to the wolf mascot. Entries were to include the name and a sketch for a cash prize of $2.50 for the name, and $5.00 for the best sketch.

It ended on October 24, 1952 and the new official school emblem was named "Waldo Wolf" with a sketch done by Ed Fitzsimmons.