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Bruce Weber and Lorenzo (Peace Corps Volunteers) developed a pasture improvement project.

The copihue is the national flower of Chile.
The original Gran Hotel Pucón was built in 1939 and thoroughly remodeled in the 1990s. It is next to the Pucón Casino.
Volcán Villarrica serves as a barometer for Pucón and Caburgua residents by showing off coming weather. The cloud "hat" in this photograph predicts that rain will soon come.
When there is insufficient rainfall to lift the level of the lake to its outlet, the Caburgua river sometimes runs dry.
Matrin Vergara's parents colonized the shores of Lake Caburgua in the 1960s. He and his father built the bridge for the new road. He now runs this restaurant on the shore of the lake.
This new school in Caburgua was paid for entirely with government funding.
The Caburgua soccer team played against various other teams in tournaments. The fields were converted pastures. The players were all farm workers.

Before the graveling of the Caburgua road, it was entirely dirt, dusty in summer and muddy in winter. This stretch is now paved and four lanes.
Foot travel in Caburgua was often on paths rather than roads. Paths were more direct and less dusty in summer and muddy in winter. Only residents knew these routes.
A majority of buildings in Caburgua used shingle siding make locally.
The Caburgua (Nahuel) School went up quickly because all of the parts were prefabricated, including the roof panels.
To keep his milking cows healthy at his Pucón dairy, Rigo Teuber vaccinated them regularly.
Pedro Vergara and his oxen fixing the Caburgua bridge.
This hanging bridge (puente colgante) on the Río Trancura was prone to accidents.
Escuela Misional for many years was the only school in Caburgua. Run by Capuchin priests from Germany.
Gaby Quesada and Rigo Teuber ran this bed and breakfast in Pucón. Lorenzo often stayed there.
Walterio Alvarez owned an estate at the northeast end of Lake Caburgua where Río Blanco entered the lake.
Segundo Luengo taught his grandchildren to ride horses because they lived in a mining town.
Portable sheep bath built in Bernie Bratz shop.
Martín and Pedro Vergara use oxen to build the Caburgua bridge.
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