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Approximately 4x3 inches; rectangle; White/off-white, red (text); Off-white booklet with "A.W.S. Informal" printed in red on the cover; circa 1938


Approximately 4.75x5 inches; teepee-shaped; Beige, with green, brown, orange, pink, yellow, blue, and black; Teepee shaped booklet; does not appear to be from the college at Monmouth; colored drawings on cover include a green swastika, yellow…


Approximately 5.5x3.53 inches, rocket-shaped; White, yellow, green, black; Rocket or silo-shaped booklet with what appear to be yellow flowers protruding out of the top, "ONS" on the shaft, and "May 1923" written underneath

approximately 5x3 inches; rectangle; Black, white, light green, gold (star), pinkish-red (border); Abstract design where an upside-down tree shape, with a white border, meets with another abstract shape which is almost rombus-like (also black with…

Approximately 4.5 inches around; shamrock shaped; Green and gold; Three-leafed shamrock-shaped, with gold writing which reads, "O.N.S. JUNIOR 1921"
Approximately 4x4.5 inches; hat-shaped; Red, white, and blue; Uncle Sam hat-shaped booklet, with stars and stripes

Approximately three inches around; circular; Greyish-tan, pinkish-red lettering; letters "WAA" appear on the front
Approximately 4.25x3.5 inches; coat-shaped; Yellowish tan, black; Coat shaped cover and back cover (one piece); appears to be shaped and drawn to look perhaps like a long coat(?)

Approximately 3.75x3.5 inches; teepee-shaped; Brown, red, orange; Teepee shaped booklet with red stripes and an orange sun on the cover

Approximately 3x5.25 inches; butterfly-shaped; Peach and brown; Booklet cover only; cut out and drawn to look like a butterfly

Approximately 5x4 inches; windmill-shaped;Blue and yellow;Booklet cover only; no back cover, no string or tassel, and no interior pages; cut out and drawn to look like a windmill; no printed text nor handwritten notes

Approximately 3.5x2.5; rectangle; Blue; blue dance card with no date, no pages, no data whatsoever; cover appears to be some kind of felt-like material
Approximately 4.5x1.5; arrow-shaped; Red, white; Red, arrow-shaped booklet with an abstract white mark near the top
Approximately 4.5x4; strange shape, almost mitten-like; Light violet, purple, yellow, green; Mitten-like shaped booklet (if the mitten had a thumb on both sides); cover includes yellow flowers; Purple outline and purple writing on cover reads "May 25…
Approximately 4x3 inches; rectangle; olive green; Line-drawing image of a court jester, smiling and holding some kind of musical instrument - such as a lyre or mandolin
Approximately 5x4 inches; rectangle; Brown, yellow, white, black; Brown cover with an image that is rather abtract and includes a few leaves coming off of it; looks as though it could be a log or some kind of cylinder, yet a yellow face-like image is…
Approximately 5.75x2.5 inches; rectangle; Black, purple, green; Black booklet, much taller than it is wide, with purple image of a tree and "KOKONI SACHIARI" as well as "HERE IS HAPPINESS" printed in green
4x3 inches; rectangle; Blue and silver; Silver image of a fairy, perhaps Tinkerbell, hovering above and releasing stars from her wand; blue background
Approximately 4x2 inches; penguin-shaped; Black and white; in the shape and decoration of a penguin; the penguin is wearing a black bow tie
Approximately 3.5x5.25; White/off-white, black; Not a booklet/dance card; an invitation to a dance
3.5x2.5 inches, rectangle; Greyish silver booklet with red print; Red border and red "ONS" on grey background. ONS is written as though it is descending downward and diagonally; a pinkish - red tassel is attached
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