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Five Mascots strike a pose on the football field with the bleachers in the background surrounded by the 2016 cheerleaders on either side.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from Public Relations

Cheerleader poses with Waldo Wolf. WOSC's mascot, Waldo, wears a polka dotted hat and a red Wolves number 41 jersey.
From Old ACC.RG.2012.871, Group Pictures - School Mascot-Wolf.

WOSC Waldo Wolf claps while wearing number 00 Jersey with three of the cheerleaders in view: one laughing, one smiling, and another looking the opposite way.
From the Grove yearbook, 1987, page 27.

Cheerleaders from the Oregon College of Education cheering during a football game in the late 1970s.

Group photograph of the five mascots in the bleachers surrounded by the cheerleaders. The Western Oregon Wolves black banner in the background and signs on the left and right that read 'GO' and 'WOLVES'.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from…

Group photograph of the 2016 cheerleaders posing with Waldo Wolfie Wolf by Ackerman with a row of pom poms in front.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuiaño from Public Relations

Group photograph of five mascots in a line kneeling with the cheerleaders behind them and a line of pom poms in front. Taken in front of Ackerman in 2016.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from Public Relations

Image of Waldo the mascot dipping cheerleader Norma Matias while wearing a red number 00 jersey. Caption, "(Above) Norma Matias is 'dippy' for Waldo".
From the Grove yearbook, 1987, page 04.
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