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In April 1912, U.S. presidential candidate, Senator Robert LaFollette, speaking from the Main Street Park bandstand in Monmouth.

Back side of the Monmouth Book Club photograph with a handwritten list of names. Some names have corresponding letters written next to individuals on the image side. " Monmouth Book Club at home of Mrs. Sunday November, 1908. 1st row, right hand to…

Monmouth Book Club at the home of Mrs. Sunday, November 1908. A group of about 30 women (including two young girls) on the porch of a house. Handwritten letters by certain individuals correspond with the list written on the back.

"As we are Dec. 1896. Miss Fani's Room." Three women seated in a room. One woman with her feet propped by a wood stove; one woman seated on a fur skin rug in conversation with a woman holding a book. A mirror atop a chest of drawers holds…
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