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A photo of Jessica Todd, the Dean of Women at Oregon Normal School. The photo was published in the 1923 edition of the University yearbook, The Norm.

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook.
The Norm, 1930, page 20.

A professional portrait of Jessica Todd, the Dean of Women, standing outside. This image was published in the Oregon Normal School student yearbook.
The Norm, 1923, page 23.

A portrait of Jessica Spalding Todd. Miss Todd began teaching at Oregon Normal School (ONS) in 1912 as a Critic Teacher in the Training School. She served as the Dean of Women at ONS from 1912 to 1931.

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook The Norm, June 1915, page 68.

Jessica Todd served as Dean of Women, and was fundamental in making the dormitories "beautiful and inspiring places to live." Upon her retirement after nineteen years at Oregon Normal School, the board of higher education named the women's dormitory,…

Dean of Women, Jessica Todd, stands in the covered porch of the Senior Cottage in the center of the photograph. In front of her is a garden box filled with plants, and behind her is the door to the inside of the building.
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