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Two Young men play the snare drum while in matching outfits of a striped shirt, and a white hat.
The Lamron, July 11, 1977.

Two women students stand in the bed of a truck that is covered in newspaper. A sign on the side reads, "Summer Lamron". The two women hold a sign that reads, "3rd Place".
The Lamron, July 11, 1977.

Wolf, the live mascot, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert as they make their rounds.
Caption, "Western's Best Friend. New Western Mascot, Wolf, a malamute wolf crossbreed, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert. Wolf was acquired over the…

Small Illustration of a bulky, muscly wolf with the words "WOSC Supporters… Be one! Buy One? Ask at the Register. Go Wolves".
LAMRON, September 20, 1984, page 10.

A photo at the Waldo tryouts held at the College Center. Waldo is kicking his left foot up with his hands on his hips. Caption, "Lori Pettenger is a real kick during tryouts for the position of Waldo Tuesday."
From the LAMRON newspaper, May 10,…

Waldo Wolf in a motion of dance while looking to the right and wearing a handkerchief with mixed patterns. Caption, "Wear" Wolf. Waldo shows the new look at last week end's games. The new wolf suit was purchased by the WOSC rally."

The staff of the OCE student newspaper, The Lamron, posing during a staff picnic in Dallas, OR in the 1940s.

The 1970s Lamron newspaper staff putting together the newspaper. After undergoing multiple renamings, the newspaper is currently called the Western Journal.

The 1940's Lamron (newspaper) staff on a staff-trip to the ocean.

Students from the 1940s exploring tide pools at the ocean on a 1940s Lamron (newspaper) staff trip.
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