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Photo taken of two mascots when changing from one to the next as an older mascot retires.
Caption, "Old meets new as the retiring "Waldo Wolf" mascot joins his successor on the track. The two mascots will celebrate the exchange at a ceremony…

Photo of student and mascot performer, Ben Ammon holding up the Wolfie mascot head and smiling to the camera.
Caption, "Ben Ammon holds up the Wolfie head that he donsto[sic] get the crowd riled up at Western games."
Western Star, November 7,…

Waldo hands an award and balloon to student, Taryn Carvelli for naming the new dining room "The Summit". A view of the Wolf Grill is in the distance.
Caption, " 'Wolfie,' Western's mascot, awards Taryn Carvelli with the prize for her winning…

A full body black Illustration of a wolf howling.
Western Star, January 26, 1996, page 12.

Up-close portrait of Wolf, live malamute mix mascot, sitting while looking at the camera.
Western Star, February 21, 1991, page 8.

Headshot of Waldo between a male and female student. The male student has his arm over Waldo's head.
WOSC Alumni News, Summer 1997, page 9.

Illustration of Wolf head with explanation of how to submit a question to the Dear wolfie section of Western Star 1996. Text, "Have a question that you need to have answered by an expert? Consult Wolfie, Western's mascot and miscellaneous…
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