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Black and white Illustration used as a title page for the activities section of the 1943 Grove Yearbook. The sketch includes a stylized image of a wolf with a gavel, a cup of tea with kettle and the words Lamron and Grove.
The Grove, 1943, page 13.…

Group photograph of the 1937 Track Team wearing "Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1937, page 80.

A wolf head illustration with the words 'Western Oregon State College" on the left, and a stylized black setting sun on the far left.
The Grove, 1987, page 166 .

Group photograph of the 1936 Basketball team wearing 'Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1936, page 80.

Student Sue Butcher, Executive Council Secretary straddles the stuffed wolf mascot on the cart and rides it to her weekly meeting.
The Grove, 1971, page 147.

Portrait Image of Coach Larry Wolfe with a quote from him underneath. "I believe we can look with a great deal of confidence to the future of athletics in The Oregon Normal School. A splendid spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship has been shown by…

A black, white and red wood block of a wolf. This was the first time that a wolf as the school mascot appears in a school publication.
The Norm, 1929, page 134b.

Wolf wearing a WOSU vest while sitting behind a line of people.
From the Grove yearbook, 1988, page 13.

A Photo of Wolf receiving pets from the 1988 Homecoming court. A man is wearing service clothing, with another man holding Wolf's leash.
From The Grove yearbook, 1988, page 13.

Up-close portrait photo of Wolf, the live malamute wolf mix. The caption reads, "A New Face…at Western.".
From the Grove yearbook, 1988, page 13.

Wolf, live malamute mascot, sits at feet of two members of the Homecoming court who are wearing 'HOMECOMING" sashes and sitting on a bench.
From the Grove yearbook, 1989, page 10.

Image of Waldo the mascot dipping cheerleader Norma Matias while wearing a red number 00 jersey. Caption, "(Above) Norma Matias is 'dippy' for Waldo".
From the Grove yearbook, 1987, page 04.

WOSC Waldo Wolf claps while wearing number 00 Jersey with three of the cheerleaders in view: one laughing, one smiling, and another looking the opposite way.
From the Grove yearbook, 1987, page 27.

Waldo stands with student and the live malamute mascot, Wolf.
From the Grove yearbook, 1988, page 86.

Waldo mascot with patterned bandana around head standing with student while holding up the '#1" hand sign.
From the Grove yearbook, 1988, page 72.

A photo of Jessica Todd, the Dean of Women at Oregon Normal School. The photo was published in the 1923 edition of the University yearbook, The Norm.
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